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Re: (ET) e-meters on ETs

my I5 came with an e-meter.  it uses a pre-scaler, which lowers the 
accuracy of 
the meter though probably not enough to make any difference.


> To those who have used an e-meter on their elec-traks, how have you 
> hooked up the meter? The standard meter is meant for 12 & 24 volt 
> battery packs, and the specifications say 40 volts max on the power 
> input and 50 volts max on the voltage sense input.
> So... for power either need to tap the pack (3-4 batteries), or use a 
> dc/dc convertor, or maybe some sort of voltage regulator (which wastes a 
> couple of watts as heat).
> For the voltage sense, the pack probably stays under 50 volts on charge 
> but might go a little over. Have folks not worried about it and been OK, 
> or used the pre-scaler (0-100 volts), or maybe a zener to clip off above 
> 50 volts (but making voltage readings wrong if it gets that high)?
> And for those who haven't seen an e-meter, it is $200 "fuel" gage that 
> uses a microcomputer to track battery voltage and current and then based 
> on battery parameters you program in it determines the approximate state 
> of charge.
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