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Re: (ET) You should get a Plow

I have a pile of gravel sitting in the drive left over from fencing.  I'll 
to get that blade installed and see about pushing it around where it'll be 

where does one get a sleeve hitch adaptor??  Does Bill have those??

> I recently graded my driveway with mine - like any plow on a gravel drive
> it's easiest when the ground is soft (after rain, before freeze). My
> neighbor usually helps me with his John Deere farm tractor with a rear
> blade. He can certainly pull a bigger load of gravel, but I was surprise 
> at
> how well mine did. (And then I get to drive) I kinda wish I could tilt 
> (one
> side higher than the other) the blade to help in the ditches, but 
> actually
> it works well if one set of wheels is in the ditch as it tilts the blade
> just about right. I angle the blade toward the drive so it pushes the 
> gravel
> out of the ditch and into the road. As mentioned with snow, if the load 
> gets
> big, the front end looses traction and won't track straight. You can 
> feather
> the blade with the lift to control the depositing of gravel. This is all 
> on
> an 800 foot driveway.
> I also have a little box scraper (Tractor Supply, Home Depot, etc) that 
> I've
> used. It doesn't do much on the ditches and I have to put a lot of 
> weight on
> one side to do that. It then gets hard to turn, etc. It's pretty good at
> spreading and leveling though. You need a sleeve hitch adapter and rear 
> lift
> (manual or electric) to use it.
> - SteveS
> E20
> > thanks.   out here in Seattle we don't get much snow.  What other uses 
> > do
> y'all
> > put these plows/blades to?  does it work well for grading a drive or
> spreading
> > gravel.  I've not had occasion to even mount mine yet.
> >
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