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Re: (ET) Ccccold Batteries

I agree, the plow is awesome. I had the thrower on it at first. My 
wife said to take it off and put the plow on. Haven't thought of 
using the thrower since.

Stay Charged!

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>On the throttle; I had the same problem when it got cold. I think 
the grease
>gets too thick at cold temps. I was in the middle of plowing and 
so I needed
>a quick fix - so I sprayed some Kroil in there and it worked much 
better -
>long term that might not have been the best solution - a beefier 
>would probably be better, or clean out the old goo and put in 
something with
>better temp characteristics.
>The lift kept going intermittent too. Like the leaky roof; it's 
too cold to
>fix it when it doesn't work, and it works when it's warm enough 
to want to
>fix it.
>BTW on the snowplow - I'm really impressed with it once you have 
on good
>chains and extra weight. Kinda wish we'd get more snow.....
>- SteveS
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>Subject: (ET) Ccccold Batteries
>> OK Where do I start.....
>> It's cold and so are my batteries. So obviously I have reduced 
>> I have noticed two things and have some questions also so if my 
>> thoughts seem distracted it's because they are, please bear 
with me.
>> I have a Landis controller. I noticed one day when it was a 
nice warm 
>> -10 degrees outside (yeah, neg 10, not uncommon in the 
>> lately) that my range was greatly reduced. I was plowing the 
>> then the neighbors driveway, and  STOP, no slowing down just 
>> readings on the gauges, no power to anything. Actually I should 
>> confess, my wife was doing the plowing, and could not tell me 
what the 
>> gauges were doing just before the shut down. Anyway after about 
>> minutes, click, everything came back up. I told her to take it 
back to 
>> the garage.
>> Plugged it in, it immediately started to charge, .....good. I 
>> fortunate that I heat my house with a wood boiler, and it is in 
>> same garage stall as the ET. So I have a real good reason to 
visit the 
>> ET every 4 hours or so. I noticed after about 12 hours that the 
>> charger had stopped and was now in the "Landis Phase". This 
>> really bad to me, since when I was using the stock timer it 
would run 
>> continuous for what 15-18 hours or so. Has anyone timed the 
>> Two days later, she was plowing again. She could not finish our 
>> driveway, let alone the neighbors. I figured it was not a full 
>> on the batteries. (Yes David, I will go get a hydrometer). So I 
>> two things;
>> 1. I made a jumper wire that I can clip onto the Landis 
Controller to 
>> bypass it, which allows it to run constantly until I remove the 
>> jumper.
>> 2. Figuring in the sub-zero cold this time of year, I reset to 
>> Controller to come on at 41v.  Thats 2.27 vpc, is this too 
>> should I go higher? I will reset it back to 39 when the warmer 
>> comes. I noticed after a 36 hour constant on charge (very 
>> gassing, almost unnoticable) with the controller set at 41v, it 
>> still cycling every 20 minutes or so.
>> After my 36 hour charge, I was able to plow my driveway and 
have lots 
>> of power when I got done. Put it on charge, let the Landis 
charge it, 
>> It started cycling after less than 8 hours so I bypassed it for 
>> overnight, in case I needed it again in the AM.  Then let the 
>> take over. Like I said I am in the garage at leat every 4 
hours, so 
>> there's no chance that I will forget to remove the bypass.
>> There is one more possibility that could result in my wifes 
loss of 
>> power on the tractor. The pedal is very sluggish on the return 
>> when it's this cold. If she, I, we, were to stop the tractor 
with the 
>> brake, and the pedal didn't return all the way off, then the 
>> will not restart until it gets "reset to zero". I noticed many 
>> when I was plowing, that I had to lift the slider with my toe. 
>> suggestions, I'm thinking heavier spring as this one is pretty 
weak at 
>> the top.
>> trying to...
>> Stay Charged!
>> Hump
>> I-5 NY
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