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Re: (ET) Hello to the group.

See comments below...

> > 1. The "fuel level" meter showed practically no charge no matter what 
> > so
> > I changed it out with one I got from a golf cart shop on the web...new
> > one reads dead on (well you know what I mean).  The load meters is 
> > still
> > running pegged to the right in even light mowing.   Is it likelt that
> > meter too is off or is it more likely that its related to the fact I've
> > not changed out the motor bearings yet? (I have them...just have not
> > done it yet).

- I agee with Neil on this, though some models used a copper sheet metal
shunt.  My E20 has had a strange thing with the current meter - it actually
blew one out :-(   Stil don't know what that is, but you don't want to lose
the meter!

> >
> > 2. I keep blowing fuses on the lights.  Can someone advise me where the
> > light wire goes relative to the "00" cable?

- Its not uncommon for the light wires to touch the big resistor bands in
the 'radiator' area, melt, and short. Though on second thougth, the fuse 
not even 'see' that fault. Wirth checking though. Again my E20 has same 
of problem - don't know what caused it but every place the lighting goes
thru a connector (At least two) the pins are fried. Get the schematic out
and trace it thru.

> 3. On the hunt for a Haben sickle bar mower.  I need it like a hole in
> > the head but...well...you know!
> >

- Me too.

> > Thanks in advance.  Good to have someone to talk to.  My wife is tired
> > of discussing the Rise and Fall of the Elec-Trak.

- We're listening....

> >
> > Steve S
> > E16
> > Front Mower
> > Rear Tiller

- Hmm - ok guys (and gals?) he's the Steve S with the E16 - I'm the SteveS
with the E12S and E20!

- SteveS

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