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RE: (ET) Mower deck -- cut quality

On the front rollers, I checked to make sure they have
the same number of spacers between them (currently 2)
and the deck.  

I suppose I should move the tapered rollers to the
outside.  Do you think the dull blade (on the front
motor) would cause the cut to be unlevel?


--- "Elie, Larry (L.D.)" <lelie ford com> wrote:
> Did you level the rollers in back and the casters in
> front?
> BTW, the 'tapered' rollers, if they exist get the
> lower diameter toward the outside to prevent 
> getting a 'divot' when turning sharp.
> Larry Elie
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> From: D Howell [mailto:dervatl yahoo com]
> Sent: Thursday, June 12, 2003 12:36 PM
> To: elec-trak cosmos phy tufts edu
> Subject: (ET) Mower deck -- cut quality
> I'm not very pleased with the quality of cut my deck
> is producing.  I bought my I-5 a couple months ago
> and
> have restored the tractor.  (Hopefully pics will be
> place on the Elec-Trak page soon --- I've sent them
> in).  The deck, I haven't done anything to yet.  
> I've read the post about bent motor shafts and
> blades
> causing bad cuts.  I've checked the blades on all
> three motors.  There are slight differences (when
> you
> rotate them 180 degrees and measure distance to
> deck)
> but less than 1/4 inch.  The middle motor gets
> hotter
> than the other two.  It's also the one with the
> least
> sharp blade.  Maybe that's the cause of the
> additional
> heat.  It's also the motor that seems to leave the
> grass the highest after the cut.  Is it possible
> that
> the deck might be warped too?  The rear rollers are
> wooden.  A couple of them are larger on one end than
> the other (shaped like a Christmas tree).  I put
> them
> in the middle, which would minimize their effect.  
> The cut job is just not level across it.  Any ideas?
> Darryl Howell
> Smyrna GA