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Re: (ET) 24 volt battery gauge

At 09:15 AM 6/6/03 , Chapin, Tim wrote:
I should be getting my controller back from repair next week for the 24 
pontoon boat project.  I would like to find a battery fuel gauge for it.
Something simple like the elec trak gauge that way when others are using it
they can easily read full, half full, empty, so on...  Where would I look
for something like that?

The ET meter is an expanded scale voltmeter (the zero is suppressed so some minimum voltage is required to get to the "0". you can simulate this by connecting a zener diode in series with a voltmeter (You can use a milliampere meter and resistor) and making a new scale. Someone who's tried it may be able to suggest the values for the diode and resistor for 24 volts.

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