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(ET) Ryobi Electric Mower

I went to my local battery supplier where I had bought my Trojan T-105's 
my Wheelhorse C-185 about 3 years ago, to see if they could help me with a
new battery for my new found Ryobi push mower.
They recommended (2) 12 Volt 18.0 Amp Hr Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid
Batteries. Product number was PS-12180 which is a Power Sonic brand, but 
batteries say CELLTEC on them. 
After I asked what size wire I should use to series them together, they 
in the back and made me one. He used some double sided material to mount 
batteries on top of each other and installed the series wire for me. The 2
of them stacked matched perfectly in size with the original 24 volt 
Also, the original 24 volt battery was only 15 Amp Hr, so I should get a
little better range from these.
He gave me an employee discount because the company I work for does 
with them.
I thought it was a great price, $39.22 total.
I was really pleased with the service I got from them. IBP (Industrial
Battery Products) in St. Louis, MO.

Took about 15 minutes to install, and the mower runs great.
After I get the blade sharpened, I will give it a workout and report back 
the performance and range.
I will also get some pictures sent to the web site.

Another electric mower saved from the landfill.

Elsberry, MO