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Re: (ET) Solar charging, part 2

I simply hooked mine to a 2 pin Hubbel twist-lock plug and plug into the
accessory port on the E20.

Works perfectly, supports the disconnect properly. Even has a 40amp breaker
backing it up.


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> On Tue, 22 Apr 2003 09:23:24 -0500, "Travis Creswell" wrote:
> > If
> > you are interested in this charge controller I use you can check them
out at
> > www.outbackpower.com.
> If I were to attach one of these solar controllers to my E20, and I kept
> original charger in place, where would the appropriate connection point
> the charger side of the diodes, (2) the battery side of the diodes, or 
> (3)
> directly on the first and last battery?
> What gauge wire is used between the solar controller and the batteries,
and what
> connectors do you use?
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