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RE: (ET) Welding

A similar product is the Ready Welder at

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From: Joe Rock [mailto:solidtech qwest net] 
Sent: Wednesday, November 13, 2002 8:44 AM
To: elec-trak cosmos phy tufts edu
Subject: (ET) Welding

  I came across a product "blurb" in the Nov/Dec issue of Handy magazine
showing a portable battery-powered welder.  The unit (GoWeld) is rated at
42VDC, 200A input - sounds like an ideal "accessory" for the Elec-Trak.
Product info can be found at http://www.goweld.com/.

  No, I don't work for them in any way - just thought it'd be good info for
folks on the list.

- - joe

Joseph Rock
E-15 in Colorado