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(ET) free parts, new e8 and deck

hi folks, i just acquired a bunch of spare parts for electracs and there 
some other body parts and wiring that i'm not going to pick up unless 
somebody wants them.    
    also, i can hardly believe it, i got what i think, is a new e8 and new 
deck.  a few parts have been taken off it but its 98 percent complete.  
got some e8 and 10 partial tractors that have excellent bodies.  
    i don't have room for all this so if anyone is interested in buying 
e8 or partial body for e8/10, please let me know.  else i'll take off the 
parts i want from the partial tractors and scrap the rest. it wouldn't be 
difficult to make an entire tractor out of one of these partial tractors.
    free parts include hood and dash assembly, back battery cover, and an 
entire body all for e8.  
    will sell some 36v battery charger transformers for 20 each.  lots of 
other parts also available but have to sort thru it.  let me know of any 
special requests.  regards, jon k albany, ny