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(ET) Kid car idea

  Hoping for some thoughts on feasibility (and refinement) of the idea of
making a "better than retail" kid car.  I know there's the plastic electric
vehicles you can buy at your local toy/department store.  They always seem 
bit pricy for the mostly plastic thing they are.  So...  I was 
a simple go-cart style vehicle with 1/2/3 batteries, a controller, and an
appropriate motor.  I was checking in my shop and I have a 50 VDC nominal
motor (that came out of a 9-track computer tape drive made by DEC) and I 
there's various controllers on eBay.  Questions: Is that electric motor
(Ametek brand) even appropriate for the task?  What would be a reasonable
number/size of batteries?  What would be appropriate for a controller?

- - joe

Joseph Rock
E-15 & MagnaTrac Hydro 5000 in Colorado