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Re: (ET) Dozer and Lift Motor

Jeremy Gagliardi com wrote:
> I got a chance to try out my dozer blade on Saturday (I haven't had the
> opportunity all winter, because of lack of snow).  I was basically
> scraping the top layer of soil off of our garden, which had weeded over.

I have a homemade blade (from a previous owner) so different shape and
features but similar problems. It doesn't have any provisions for helper
springs but now that people have mentioned them it makes sense so I will
look into adding some.

On the earth-moving, I found it was very effective to first till the
area to break up the sod and then push it around with the blade. And
having the two heavy tools front and back nicely balanced each other out.

Jim Coate
1992 Chevy S-10
1970's Elec-Trak