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(ET) Acquiring E15 - Questions

I am almost the owner of an E15 Elec-Trak.  It's at my house now and the
soon to be former owner has my deposit.  Pending one mow of my yard we will
settle up today.

I'm very pleased to have found this tractor at the very moment that I 
one.  And the seller is only 30 minutes drive from my home on Roanoke, VA.
I do have some questions however:

Is the tractor supposed to be as quiet as a golf cart?  This one makes
substantially more noise, transaxle related, I think.

What is the 250V outlet on the left front used for?

Has anyone fit a larger steering wheel (3/4" shaft)?  I want my wife to
enjoy driving this tractor, too.


Andrew G. Poush
GE Industrial Systems
Turbine Controls Engineer
Rm 174 * 1501 Roanoke Blvd. * Salem, VA 24153
ph 540-387-8066 (dc 278-8066) * fax 540-387-7652