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RE: (ET) Cruise control

Thanks Jim.  I never used an E20.  I even AVOIDED IT because of the lack 
of a fixed speed control!


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Just to clear up the cruise control.

On the E20 and C-185 WITH the FOOT speed control, the cruise button is
just that (a cruise control) as you otherwise have to keep your foot
steady all the time when mowing, etc. The Turtle and the hare indicate 2
cruise speeds.  On the 15  (145) and down with the HAND speed control it
is a "power pulse switch" used to kick the motor into full power
momentarily by over riding the centrifugal switch on the motor. The 20
and 185 do not need this "pulse sw." as they are a whole different beast
(motor) and don't need a centrifugal switch. When you press on the foot
pedal you get instant raw power

Your 20 sounds very unusual. I'm not sure if that's good or bad!! :) Are
you sure it is a 20?? as the 20 motor is quite different like I said.

Hope this helps, Jim