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RE: (ET) Time to check your batteries!


 It could be the ring connectors I used had less metal in them. If your
connections are not getting hot after heavy use, then it's good enough! 
my Trojans have the round posts with the stud in the center. I may have to
use the newer post next time I rent some new lead for the tractor.  


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> Dwight,
> Don't know what to say.. but I do have the recommendation from both Bill
> Gunn and Trojan Battery to use those connectors.
> Apparently the taper that is on a universal post is problematic with the
> clamp connectors.  According to the Trojan engineer, automotive clamps
> make a poor connection, and don't fully clamp across the pole (the
> automotive terminal doesn't have a taper).  Trojan did say the connectors
> must be soldered or clamped (using a 5 ton clamp press).
> The pics don't show it very well, but the connectors are made of metal
> between 1/16 and 1/8 of an inch thick.
> I would suppose the ultimate connector would be one that had flats for
> both sides of the post, but I've never seen one!
> Interesting discussion though, I'll have to dig out my temp gauge and do
> some mowing!
> Don
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