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(ET) HC-05 Diagnosed

Well, it has taken a while to get back to the jammed cultivator.
Today, the surgery was done.  Perhaps autopsy would be a better term.
She's dead Jim, as Bones would say.  At least, one critical part is.

This is clearly a unit that earned it's keep long before I got it.  The 
dents and 
chips in the tines, and the apparent degree of brush wear show the signs 
of serious 
use.  Insulation on the brush lead wires has melted at some point.  
However, the 
culprit was unmasked after I got the gear housing open.

The worm gear that drives the axle for the tines was so worn and deformed 
that it 
literally was jamming the spur gear by itself.  This should not have been 
lubrication issue, there was plenty of grease in that part of the housing 
when I 
took it apart, the worm gear was nicely coated, and no signs of heat 
marking on the 
metals.  The metal on the worm gear is relatively soft, based on how 
easily it wore 
down under a file.  

Hopefully I can find time on Thursday to call Bill Gunn and see about 

While I am disappointed it was not something I could fix, I have to (once 
admire the simplicity of the Elec-Trak design, which is why these units 
are still 
operating 30 years after they were made.

I took some photos, and once I get them developed, I will scan them and 
post them 
on my website.

My thanks to all that sent advice and suggestions.  Turns out I was being 
mostly by a left-hand thread.  One of the hubs for the tines is attached 
to the 
axle with a left-hand thread.  Makes sense now that I think about the 
operation of 
the unit, but it had me stymied the last time I was trying to take it 

Darryl McMahon

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