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Re: (ET) E15 on Ebay, a helping hand

Hey Don,

Being the frugal Yank I am I just go to Sears and get their Golf Car 
batteries right off the shelf. About 300.00 for 6. They have done fine for 
about 4 or 5 years so far. There are better batteries out there I'm sure 
so check around. Figure out how many more years you might get for your 
money. The Sears (Exide last I checked) do
wheel stands on my E20. (Got to replace those belts with a chain!!)

Next you asked about lubing. The steering has zirk bushings under the 
chassis and you should take off the cover in front of your feet and after 
you check for loose wires and chafing wires (against the steering post) 
you should clean and grease the steering gears. Also check for play as 
there are shims underneath that will take up
the gear lash if need be. I have had success using "electrical connector 
box reducers" available at your electrical supply. Next the spindles and 
the wheel bearings (front) all have zirks as well. Next drain the 
differential and replace the gear oil with synthetic gear oil, either 
Mobil 1, Amzoil, or others. As far as motor bearings
are concerned I would just run it and keep an ear open for dry bearing 
squeal. Break Away or some Mobil 1 motor oil squirted on the pulley side 
bearing can buy you a little time and rebearing the motor is easy if you 
are used to that type of thing. ( the brushes get a little tricky during 
reassembly) Otherwise take it to a motor
man. Mower motors are a good warmer upper before tackling the BIG boys. 
WARNING!! The magnets are very powerful and can give you one hell of a 
pinch or worse. They can also shatter if allowed to have their way and 
slam against the armature. Also a growler is great for testing the 
armature if you aren't sure about one. They can be
found at yard sales, etc. More on this if you need it.

As to manuals, I'm sure between all of us we must have every manual ever 
written on these ETs. I have quite a collection myself. Some are easier to 
take apart than others for copy purposes. What I have done in the past is 
email a scanned page or 2 to someone in need. Others do the same. 
Somewhere along the line the PDF idea sounds
great especially available on the net. I have tons of space left on my 
mediaone page allowance even after all my photos, music etc.

If you have any more questions (or if I failed to address one) let me (us) 


Don Barry wrote:

> Jim,
> Thanks for the comments! You must have been reading my mind, because now 
> I am thinking about "what to do first" in the process of resuscitating 
> my ET from it's 25-year sleep. I used to restore cars as a hobby years 
> ago, and I'm familiar (in a general sense) of things to do in bringing 
> the dead back to life.
> I know I need new batts, and I check the Trojan battery WWW-site. Looks 
> like they have several models of the 6-volt batt. Should I assume I need 
> the best ones, or is their a specific part number for the best 
> replacement?
> You mentioned lubing the bushings... do they have zerk fittings on them?
> Is there a service  & parts manual available? NOTE: One of the vendors I 
> deal with at work does scanning for us daily (A/P, A/R invoices, etc). 
> They offered to scan, and convert into PDF format an ET manual for me at 
> no cost! We could post this up on a WWW site for all. Maybe we should 
> form a club and have www.elec-trak-club.com?
> Should I pull the motors and take them down to a rebuild shop? I wonder 
> about the bearings after such a long period of inactivity....
> I know there's a transmission.. I'd assume it needs flushed out. What 
> type of oil is used? Is there a drain plug, or is it (ugh!) a sealed 
> unit?
> I just bought a digital camera to document the rebirth of my ET, too.
> Regards to all,
> Don
> >>> jim <fiskfarm mediaone net> 01/20/01 12:21PM >>>
> Awesome Don, congratulations!!
> I think you got a great deal. From the pictures on ebay the attachments 
> and tractor look great.
> As you get into starting her up we are all here to help with any 
> questions. I have had the pleasure of resurrecting many ETs that have 
> sat for as much as ten years and more, but this may be a record. My 
> experience
> has been that new batteries, a spray can of Cyclo BreakAway (for 
> everything from dirty contactors to frozen break pedals etc.), a grease 
> gun for the steering bushings and gears and ball joints and wheel 
> bearings
> and a few pleasurable hours of work, and she'll be ready for a lifetime 
> of work.
> We share your passion!    "ETs & eBay forever" (I love eBay almost as 
> much as ETs)
> Enjoy,
> Jim
> http://people.ne.mediaone.net/fiskfarm/index.html
> Don Barry wrote:
> > WooHoo!!! Just won the bid on ebay on that primo E-15! (Am now dancing 
> > the ET Dance of Joy!).. After 26 years, I'm going to have an ET 
> > *again*!!!!
> >
> > I want to say thanx to everyone on this list for "keeping the faith" 
> > on the Elec-Traks!! I would not have started this quest if it were not 
> > for YOU. It feels great to be the newest ET-owning member of the group.
> >
> > Anybody got an electric sweeper they want to sell?
> >
> > Don Barry