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(ET) Motor controller

 I to am in the process of converting my E-20 to an electronic controller. 
am using a  Curtis pulse width modulated controller. I have been working 
it (off and on) over the past two years and am about 90% done. I hope tp 
finish it over spring break in early April in time for the mowing season. 
am using the Curtis on the armature side and am reversing the field 
I have some experience with converting electric vehicles but don't have 
of knowledge of compound motors yet. I have been creating a crude 
electrical wiring diagram of the conversion as I go and would be happy to 
share it once I determine if it works. I am sure that there must be people 
out there who have done this conversion already. I would like to know if 
indeed it worked and any pitfalls to watch out for and suggestions.  Thank 
Kirk VanGelder
Vancouver, WA