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Re: (ET) C-185 loader and plow TODAY!

From:                   "Walter " <dwfh starlinx com>

> I have had
> the plow for years but never tried it and was curious.

Last winter was the first that I had the ET.  I had never moved snow with 
anything but a shovel.  At the first big snow, I went out to the garage 
and wrestled the snow thrower onto the tractor.  I drove it 5 feet out of 
the garage and the thrower clogged.  

while (TRUE) {
     Stopped; Cleared the chute; Went another 5 feet;
     Stopped; Cleared the chute; Went another 5 feet;

Returned to garage; 
Removed snow thrower;
Put the blade on; 
Cleared driveway;

/* <g> */

Someday I'll try sandblasting and repainting the rusty snow thrower.  For 
now, the blade works ~great~.  And next to the flimsy gas tractor and 
blade that the guy round the corner uses, the ET and its 4-foot blade 
looks like something the road crews would be at home with.

David Roden - Akron, Ohio, USA
1991 Solectria Force 144vac
1991 Ford Escort Green/EV 128vdc
1979 General Engines ElectroPed 24vdc
1974 Honda Civic EV 96vdc
1970 GE Elec-trak E15 36vdc