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Re: Current sensing, etc

> >You buy a high current shunt.  The EV parts dealers (Electro 
> >Automotive, 
> >KTA Services, and so on) sell them, and you might be able to find them 
> >at 
> >a local industrial vehicle shop.
> Military surplus is much cheaper when available, check Fair Radio
> http://alpha.wcoil.com/~fairadio/ or Burdens 1-800-488-3407 from time to
> time. 

Excellent suggestion.  I bought a 300a shunt at a surplus dealer 10 years 
ago for $3, about 10% of new price.  No accuracy guarantee, but that 
wasn't a big deal.

> >This is one of the older model snow throwers.  Maybe I'm expecting too 
> >much of a single stage snow thrower (though it looks pretty potent).  
> >Or 
> >maybe not.  Anybody have any idea what I might be doing wrong here?
> Low temp have devastating effects on lead batteries. You might want to 
> check
> the voltage under load to see if holds above 11V per battery with the 
> snow
> thrower and tractor on especially if batteries are old.

I hadn't thought of this.  I didn't notice any other low battery 
symptoms, but I also wasn't watching the voltmeter (I admit I often don't 
on the ET).  I will notice this next time.  It shouldn't be a problem 
because the batteries have only a dozen or two cycles on them, but ya 
never know.

Thanks for the note!

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