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RE: N.O.S. Wheelhorse

David, Ken, Dennis,
        Frequently new batteries are dry charged and shipped without the
liquid electrolyte.  The presense of the paper seals suggests to me that
your NOS rider's batteries have no liquid in them.  If so, they are likely
to be as good as new with the addition of electrolyte; they can't sulfate
without sulfuric acid.  If they were already filled with electrolyte by the
dealer, they are most likely dead.

        My E15 has Exide GC-4 batteries with the offset combination
terminals.  I found that by drilling holes partially through the plywood
under the seat I had clearance for the threaded posts without cutting them
off.  Even with the drilled holes I still had no chance of shorting the
battery terminal to the tractor steel.  Other batteries may have different
heights so if you were to do this be very careful or you could get a hot
seat.  I did this because battery removal is much easier when using plastic
handles bolted to the threaded rods on the terminals.

-Steve Naugler
-e mail address:  snaugler rodel com

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> "Pestka, Dennis J" <Dennis Pestka mkg com> wrote:
> > On Saturday I picked up a Wheelhorse A-60 from a lamn mower dealer.
> > This is a 1975 unit that is new. The batteries still have the paper
> seals on
> > the caps. 
> > If anyone has one of these I would be like to here from you on
> performance,
> > range, problems, etc. I don;t want to do anything stupid to this virgin
> > unit.
> Dennis, congratulations on a terrific find.  Do they have any more? <g>
> Not know little about the Wheel Horse range, so someone please 
> correct any inaccurate statements I make here.
> I take it the WH A-60 is equivalent to a GE E-8 or E-10.  As far as I 
> know, all the GE models came from the factory with 36 volt systems, 
> but the batteries differed.  The E-8 used 3 12v batteries, while the 
> E-10 
> used 6 6v batteries of greater capacity.  The E-8's limited onboard 
> energy storage would suggest that it wouldn't have the capacity to 
> handle your 3 acres.  GE's literature rated it to mow only 1 to 1.25 
> acres; the E-10 was rated for twice that, still a bit low for you.
> However (someone correct me if I am wrong), I think that you could fit 
> more modern batteries to an E-10 type tractor and get range equal to 
> the larger machines.  Trojan T-145 batteries (if they will fit) have 
> about
> 40% more capacity than regular golf car batteries (and cost about 60% 
> more, alas).  Even T-125 types, which cost only a little more, will have 
> 20% more capacity than the batteries fitted stock to the larger tractors.
> You will probably want to replace the original batteries anyway.  If 
> they 
> have been sitting all these years without maintenance charging, the 
> chances are they will be sulfated and have poor capacity.  All batteries 
> self-discharge over time, and sitting for long periods discharged will
> ruin 
> a battery.
> Good luck, and let us know how you make out.
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