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electric conversion

Another fwd from ev list...

> I wonder,
> though, whether a conversion (Option #2) could be done within the
> spending limit imposed by Stuart -- and even then, he would still need
> acquire the necessary attachments . . .  That's why a used Electrak
> makes sense.

That may well be the best move, depending on what's available and 
how much Stuart wants to do himself.

I think a conversion could be cost-effective with used (or perhaps even 
with new) golf car parts.  Because they're produced in reasonable 
quantities (compared to the parts we use for road EVs), and because 
there's more competition, prices are much lower.  (Just compare a 36 
volt Lester charger with a 96 or 120 volt.  I can't see any other reason

for the huge cost disparity.)

Whether the ET would be cost effective would depend on whether he 
could find one with the goodies he needs.  If he has to buy the 
accessories from Tech Service, he's going to be very close to (or over) 
budget, with just tractor, mower deck and snow blade -- and that's 
before he buys whatever parts he needs to fix up the tractor.

But if he's lucky, he'll find a dirty and neglected but repairable ET,
a mower deck and possibly a dozer blade or snow blower, for a few 
hundred dollars.  In that case he could even afford to replace a motor
need be.

One other alternative would be doping out a way to make gas mower 
accessories work with the ET, whose power takeoff is a 36 volt socket, 
not a pulley or shaft.

I really like my ET, and I recommend them highly (even if they are 
pretty old technology -- resistor controller, belt drive from motor to 
transaxle, brute-force timer charger).  And I really don't have time or 
inclination to do a tractor conversion.  But for somebody with time, 
aptitude, and inclination, a tractor conversion would be a great way to 
learn the ropes.  So that is another factor to consider.

BTW, thanks for the post, David.  Glad you had a chance to get to 
know the ET in DC.  If you see an ET rototiller at a reasonable price, 
let me know! <grin>

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