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Re: Tires

    You can probably find a replacement tire with more aggressive tread to
fit your wheel.  Carlisle, Duro and Dico are three popular brands.  
(http://www.gemplers.com/) has an excellent selection of small tires in
their catalog (which they'll send you for free).

    -Ken Burner

--On Wednesday, September 16, 1998, 8:43 AM -0400 obrien linux67 dn net

> I am using my E-15 to cut grass on a fairly steep grade.  Sometimes the
> tires slip and mar the turf.  I've noticed that some of the new tractors
> I've looked at have more balloon-like tires, similar to ATV tires.
> Do theses tires go easier on turf, or give better traction on hills?
> Can these tires be put on my E-15?
> Thanks,
>   Matt O'Brien