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Re: (Fwd) 'New' E12

I'm interested in finding a rear tiller, if anyone has one for sale,
please contact me. I live in Minneapolis, MN.

Can someone describe the front loader implement?  Is this a
bucket, with some manual lever for tilting it back and forward
for loading and dumping, or what?



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Date: Wednesday, September 02, 1998 9:34 PM
Subject: (Fwd) 'New' E12

I am posting this at Larry's request.  If you have questions, please
contact Larry directly.

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Could you post this please Darryl?  I am too quick to post things...

Way back last week, I posted the following;

;I found a
;NEW E-12 (never sold) on a New Idea lot in Michigan.  I don't need
;the tractor, but the dealer will let it go for $500 (no battery).
;He claims it was demoed once, and looks good.  It has been in his
;shop for years.

At least 5 people expressed interest.  I contacted the dealer.  Next time,
I will check FIRST.  The dealer WAS Johnson Equipment in Bad Axe Michigan,
(about 100 miles from where I live) and old New Idea Combine dealer.  They
went belly up some time ago.  I saw the tractor over a year ago, when they
were doing OK.  Another equipment dealer gave me the number of the owner,
and I talked to Mr. Johnson.  He said the tractor in question went at 
he thinks at perhaps $250, with his ENTIRE PARTS INVENTORY!  He also
said he had perhaps 4 tractors in back rusting that went as scrap.  Ahhhh!
Sorry I got people's hopes up so high!

Now, that said, I know of one GE E-15, (2) E-12's, and E-10 (s?) used and 
rough condition.  I WILL NOT post the numbers of the people selling these
units until I personally talk to them and find out if 1.) they are truly
and 2.) how much they are asking.  That will take me weeks.  I will post 
when I AM SURE!  People with these things seem to collect equipment as
well, so there are two mowers, blades, a snow-blower, sickle mower, rear 
and other goodies as well.  One is part of an estate, so it may wait on
For most people, you are better off looking locally.  I picked up my first
for $100, and I know of one person given one just to haul it away.  They
are not that hard to fix up, unless the old batteries have split and 
away the box.  Just look at the sheet metal low at the frame.  The 
is the E-20; the controls are much more complicated.

Larry Elie
lelie ford com

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