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Thanks and looking for tractor and parts

Thanks to all for the helpful responses about ET.  After some thought I've
decided to pursue it.

I'm going to look at a tractor this weekend, thanks to a list member who
contacted me.  However, that machine does not have any accessories.  Though
I hate to impose on your time further, I'm wondering if anyone might know
where one or more of the following might be found:

     - Dozer/snow blade
     - Rear tiller
     - Front mower

I've contacted Bill at Technical Services.  He was really friendly and
helpful, and it's good to know that there's a ready source of parts for
this machine (especially after an adventure a few years ago finding parts
for my Comuta-Car). 

Though his dozer blades are affordable, sorry to say his price for the
mower is 'way beyond my budget.  So unless I find a used mower in decent
shape, I guess I'll have to have somebody stand on the front with a pair of
scissors.  <grin>

After that quote, I didn't even ask about the tiller.  (Not to sound
ungrateful, Bill, but it's already difficult to justify this purchase to my
other half. <g>)

Thanks again to everyone who responded.

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