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Weeder Cultivator for Elec Trak Update


So far I have not been able to find a Weeder Cultivator attachment for
my Elec Traks, but I have found a Lawn Edger at Kansas Wind Power(KWP). 
Bob of KWP sent me a parts drawing for each and they have many of the
same parts like the motor.  I am thinking about modifying the lawn edger
into a Weeder Cultivator for my Wife's 1/4 acre flower farm.  She needs
it to get the weeds out after the field is tilled and planted.

Has anybody ever seen a 110 Volt AC model that might be currently
available from other manufactures.  I might have better luck finding an
inverter for the Elec Traks to run an 110 Volt weeder cultivator.  I
have seen the Ryobi cultivators that attach to a gas trimmer.  However
they have four cultivator blades instead of two like the original Elec
Trak Weeder Cultivator.  

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

Jeff Simpson