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E-15 For Sale

    An E-15 in very good condition is available in Pittsburgh, PA.  I
looked at the machine last night and, although it's not what I want, I
was so impressed with its condition that I thought I'd post it here.

    Condition: Very good, some surface rust on top of platform, batts
4yrs old, tires excellent, appears to have been kept indoors most of its
    Attachments: Snowblower, front mowing deck, 3/8" drill, rear weight box
    Parts: Spare control board
    Documentation: Several binders full, including complete shop manual,
dealer service bulletins, schematics, sales literature, etc.
    Problems: Lights not working (owner says fuse blown), mower deck
needs one motor repaired or replaced.
    Asking price for everything: $500.

    If interested, please let me know and I will supply phone #.


PS- Maybe I should buy it and sell it in Canada, eh?