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DWFH wrote:
> Hi, anyone have a front loader for electraks? I know where there MAY be
> a front forklift attachment.
> I am also interested in any other accessories.
> I am also looking for another tractor, I don't need the deck just the
> tractor.
> Thanks,
> Walt
> My Electrak Page:
> www.voicenet.com/~dwfh


I am also looking for a front end loader.  My understanding is that this
attachment can overload the design of the Electraks, but I plan to use
it for small loads (under 200#s).  Please let me know if you come across
more than one front end loader amd I will do the same.

BTW, I have a manual rear lift if you are interested.

Jeff Simpson
jsgoev thirdwave net
Charging an E20 and E10 with wind power

Jeff Simpson

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