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Riding my bike to Montreal!

Hi folks,

As many of you may have heard, I’ll be riding my bike to Montreal with the 
Boston Cyclists Union next week! This ride is one of the Boston Cyclists 
Union’s major annual fundraisers, and in order to go on the ride, I have 
committed to raising $1,900 for the BCU in order to support and enable 
them to advocate for safer streets in Boston for all road users. The BCU 
has done some great work over the last few years, and every day, I use 
separated, protected bike lanes that they have fought for on my commute.

I’m only $250 away from reaching this goal, and I need to reach my goal by 
Friday night in order to go on the ride. Please consider donating whatever 
you are willing and able to donate in order to support me and the BCU’s 
vision of a safer Boston! Here’s the link to my fundraising page: 

Thank you!

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