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notes from the treasurer

   We have lots of money.  We are planning to spend a chunk (amount 
unspecified - we don't have an estimate) to pay people from Taylors who 
are doing a sort of 2024 grand tour of US tower, checking up on the state 
of things, maybe making repairs. 
   It is the policy of Boston Bellringers that we use the communal funds 
to add donations to the Bellboard and Ringing World performance listings 
when a Boston/Cambridge band (at one of the towers or on handbells) posts 
it.  The actual mechanism is that the conductor or someone lets me know 
when it happens, and I go in through my account to make the donation.  
Sometimes the band does it directly, but 
we're happy as a group to pay.  I am not embezzling funds, but it might 
seem a little weird that I am putting guild money on my BB account (via 
Paypal, from the Boston Bellringers bank account).  I haven't bothered to 
call the RW office directly, but it looks like it would not work to try to 
start an account under the name of an entity (in this case Boston 
Bellringers) rather than a ringer.  We could use the bellringers mit edu 
email address, for example, and I know the answer to the security 
question, but the registration rules do seem to require a person's name.  
Is that everyone else's impression?
    Does anybody care that I am putting the money through my personal 
account?  Or have a better solution? We want to encourage people to ring 
at length, and to help out the RW, so skipping the donation isn't a 

Laura Dickerson