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Re: Lanterns & Luminaries--April 11, 2024

    The email from Catherine says that she wants the bells to be ringing 
up at 6:20 and then the rest of the ringing will be after the recessional. 
For some people, that will mean a commitment that is more like two hours 
than 20 minutes, but of course not everybody needs to be there to ring up. 
 In addition to being invited to the reception, it looks like seats can be 
reserved in a pew for whoever wants to attend.

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Heyo! I've put a column on the spreadsheet for the Lanterns and Luminaries
ringing event at Old North. It will be 15-20 minutes of righting on
Thursday April 11th. If you want to attend the reception, you can do that,
or honestly you can just sneak up to the belfry. We should get a list of
names of ringers. to send them, so it would be great if people can fill out
availability for this sooner rather than later!


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Hi there!

The annual Lantern event will be held on Thursday, April 11 (same timeline
as always: program starts at 7 and ends, we hope, at 8).  We are hoping
that the bellringers will be able to participate as they have done in the

Here's an tentative plan:

   - Could the bellringers arrive in time to ring up the bells at
   approximately 6:20?  There are spoken elements to the sponsor reception 
   bells need to be in place no later than 6:30.
   - Bellringers will check in at registration table in church narthex
   (foyer).  We will need their names for the registration list and pew
   - For ease of movement, it's probably best if the bellringers exit pews
   right before the recessional (otherwise you might be trapped by 
   - Bellringers will then ring for 15-20 minutes after the recessional.
   We will flick the lights when it is time.
   - You are warmly invited to the post-event reception--we are leaning
   into a nautically-themed celebration!

*Catherine Matthews*
Director of Education, Old North Illuminated
193 Salem Street, Boston, MA 02113
(617) 943-9351| www.oldnorth.com | She/Her

Please note that I work Monday-Thursday.
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