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treasurer report, loosely speaking (preparing for meeting)

   Remember that the Boston Bellringers bank account is for both of the 
towers and the handbells.  The meeting on Monday is for the MIT guild, but 
there is crossover.
In the past year (actually less than that, because we didn't spend any 
money in early 2023), our expenses totaled $643.72.  Our income was $320 
(one wedding plus 2 donations). We also earned interest on the CD account 
(18.05 thus far) but I haven't added it to the spreadsheet because the 
term of the CD doesn't end for a while yet, and the total will be more.   
The biggest single expense was paying ringers for the one wedding (30 * 8 
= $240). The next biggest was the subscription to the RW, at $194.42.  
Coming in third was holiday cards and stamps, $126.35.  Otherwise: 
donations to Bellboard/RW for performances, one fan, masks, and light 
bulbs.  Yes, we spent more than we made. We still have lots of money. I 
will give you an actual figure out loud on Monday evening, if I remember 
to count the petty cash tomorrow (we can look up what the bank has online 
at any time. That is the vast majority of the funds). 
    Thanks to Danielle for being my backup bank person, to Ed for doing 
the tax form, and to Emily for spreadsheet assistance.

Laura Dickerson