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any news for the Clapper? Opinions about buying duckbill masks?

   This quarter (as far as the Clapper is concerned) started in 
mid-October.  I think there will be a separate article about the Double 
Beryl story.  I'll mention Kat's first peal, and any other special ringing 
that people want pointed out (including first time firing for a number of 
people on NYE).  Some Boston ringers go to the Smith gatherings.  When I 
think about the past couple of months, preparing the holiday cards looms 
large, but many of the Clapper readers should have seen those cards in 
person, I hope.   Please let me know what I'm missing. 

   Wastewater numbers are way up, and it seemed to me on Sunday that 
almost everyone at service ringing knew someone currently with Covid.  We 
are down to a few give-away masks in each tower now, so I will buy more.  
An online source that sells the duckbill style N95 (but blue) is offering 
them at a hugely reduced price because of damaged boxes (supposedly not 
damaged masks).  Should I order some of those or stick with the CVS 
earloop style?  (Speaking of wastewater, the Biobot people are taking the 
week off, so I don't think there will be an update on Thursday).

Laura Dickerson