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Re: Ringing this weekend (and the 31st too)

Close. No ringing at the Advent on Sunday (and Sunday the 31st, as well - 
also a 10 AM start for the main service). 
On Sunday the 24th, Old North is doing morning prayer starting at 10 AM. 
Priscilla guessed that they will be done as early as 10:45, so I'd like us 
to be there by 10:40 in case of speedy praying or whatever. I have agreed 
that we will only ring a bit (15-20 minutes?). We should exit through the 
parish house and then sexton Brian will lock everything. 
Old North will return to 11 AM services on Sunday the 31sr, with Katherine 
Black filling in for Matthew, so I am planning to attend the service if it 
feels safe to be indoors. Wayne or Libor will lock up after us, so 
probably we shouldn't do the whole hour of ringing. 
I am grateful to the people who have volunteered to come, but understand 
that it's a long way to travel for 15-20 minutes of ringing. Arthur and I 
will be there, and will be happy to see anybody else who comes. 

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One more time for the hard-of-understanding. 

NO service ringing at Advent. 

BRIEF service ringing Old North 10:30 (ish). 

Is that right? 

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Unilaterally declaring no practice tomorrow. I spoke to Jim at the Advent 
about starting at 9:30 for the 10 am service. Father James feels it would 
bother the neighbors, so no. The arrangement with ON is that we will ring 
for fifteen minutes or so starting at the end of the 10 AM service, so 
maybe 10:40 ish. 
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