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Saturday practice RESCHEDULE

Hey folks,

We got this message from Julius on behalf of the church, and it sounds like
ON practice this weekend needs to be over by 12:30. We can start earlier
although I know I have trouble enough getting there on time ;)

Would someone be willing to reach out to Eric Jacobson and let him know the
schedule change as well?

Sorry for the late notice.


"Hey Ricky and Kat, hope you’re well.  I just wanted to see if you all
would be able to do a 1030-1230 ring on Saturday this week.

We’re to host the commission of a young woman in the air force being
promoted to her next rank. They ceremony will be up in the chamber when you
all depart.

We’re expecting to start at 2pm. (I need to have the room ready by 130pm)
I ask for the extra time so I can tuck benches away, hang up some bunting,
and bring some folding chairs up there as well. I’ll make sure the room is
back in order post ceremony of course.

*** All I ask if possible is that you all tie the ropes up as high as you
can so they are as out of the way as possible when you all are done.  No
one will be touching ropes or ringing bells FYI:) let me know how this all
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