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Fwd: weddng bells!

Hi! I’ll add this to the spreadsheet; if you’re available (this is the 
weekend _after_ Indigenous/Columbus day weekend), please sign up!


> Begin forwarded message:
> Subject: weddng bells!
> Date: September 11, 2023 at 2:01:29 PM EDT
> To: Richard Morse <pukku mac com>, Kat Dutton <katdutton gmail com>
> Good afternoon Ricky and Kat.  I am writing to both of you because it 
> has been so long since I requested bells, I wasn't sure who would be 
> doing recruiting!
> At last, our one and only 2023 wedding is almost upon us.  Saturday, 
> October 14 we have a 6pm wedding and bells have been requested.  Please 
> let me know if it will be possible to put a band together.
> Thanks ... and fingers crossed that there will be enough ringers in town 
> Columbus/Indigenous People's Day weekend! 

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