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Re: Beach Sunday?

So, bad-news/good-news update -

Bad: Revere Beach water quality is...not great, so original plan is right

Good: Spectacle Island's swimming is looking pretty good! Austin and I are
gonna take the 2:30pm ferry there and the 5:30pm ferry back (boats leave by
aquarium T stop and we can got you a ticket). Anyone who wants to is
welcome to join! Text me at (530) 386-5242 if you plan to come so we know
to look out for you.

- Phoebe ⛴️👓🏝️

On Thu, Aug 31, 2023, 14:41 Phoebe House <phoebekae gmail com> wrote:

> Hi all! We haven't had an after-ringing beach day yet this summer, and
> summer's not around for all that much longer.
> I'm planning to bring a swimsuit/towel/etc. to service ringing this 
> Sunday
> with the intent of heading to revere beach (@wonderland T stop) after
> ringing. Anyone who's maybe interested in joining should do the same!
> - Phoebe ☀️🏖️
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