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Second Saturday, 9/9

Hi, all —

We've had a bit of a hiatus from Second Saturdays @ Smith over the summer,
but we'll be resuming next month!

As a reminder: Second Saturdays @ Smith are a time for eighth and quarter
peal attempts, both in tower and in hand. We generally start around 3pm and
have 2 attempts in tower (plus potentially simultaneous attempts in hand).
Our goal is to have a range of attempts, from first QPs to Surprise. All
are welcome!

If you'd like to ring with us in September, you can sign up on the
"SecondSaturdays" tab of the Smith Ringing attendance spreadsheet.
you have specific requests for things to ring, you can leave them there,
too. We usually put together bands by the Wednesday preceding the attempts
— so in this case, 9/6.

Hope to ring with you all soon!

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