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Re: [PLEASE READ] Masking Survey Results and Policy Change

Aw shoot. I knew I was going to forget something. I believe this was
mentioned in the original survey, but just to make sure it's clear:

*Full covid vaccination is still required to ring at the towers in Boston.*

On Sun, Jun 25, 2023 at 9:22 PM Katarina Whimsy <kdsorceress gmail com>

> Hey folks,
> Sam (Tower Captain: Advent) and I (Tower Captain: Old North) took the 
> time
> to go through the survey results in order to make an Official Decision
> about masking during tower bell ringing. (we are not qualified to speak
> towards masking at handbell ringing on account of it having to adhere to
> MIT policies)
> Firstly, we'd like to thank everyone for your thoughtful and 
> compassionate
> input. We received 33 survey responses and almost as many comments --I've
> attached an anonymized summary of the  survey data at the bottom of this
> email. The brief summary is that ~66% of people prefer a mask-optional
> policy and ~75% of people prefer the windows to be open when weather
> permits.
> Secondly, we will be changing the policy as follows:
> *Masks will be optional in the tower when...the windows are open...the
> covid wastewater levels (https://www.mwra.com/biobot/biobotdata.htm
> <https://www.mwra.com/biobot/biobotdata.htm>) are below 500 "Copies of
> COVID-19 RNA per milliliter of wastewater"*
> Additionally, if you are experiencing symptoms of respiratory illness, or
> have had a recent covid exposure, please wear a mask (or don't attend).
> This is true even if you have had a negative test --we don't want to 
> spread
> flus or colds throughout the tower either!
> We will give one week's notice if/when masks become required again, and
> the officers reserve the right to change the policy even if the 
> wastewater
> number has not reached 500 (eg, if the government re-institutes a state 
> of
> emergency)
> This policy will go into effect starting on *Wednesday, July 5th*. At
> that point, masks will be optional but still welcome/encouraged. Please 
> do
> not harass any ringer for wearing or not-wearing a mask during times when
> masking is optional.
> Thirdly, we had a few comments about getting air filters for the towers.
> That will not immediately affect the policy, but we think it's a good 
> idea
> and would like to move forward with figuring out how to do that 
> (including
> asking the churches for permission to store, finding funds, etc)
> Thank you again for your input. A link to the survey data is below:
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kzuaXEdywNB-12Q_lekfVpWAMS7PORfQlueYs6x507I/edit?usp=sharing
> ~Kat and Sam
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