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Fwd: Quebec City May Weekend

Hi all,
If anyone else is thinking of going to Quebec for the May weekend, here are
the detes on the Bishop's House:

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Date: Mon, Apr 3, 2023 at 9:13 PM
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Hi Josh

Yes, that seems to be possible again this year.  Can you let me know so we
can start reserving the number of spots?  Do you know anyone else who might
want to stay there?


Here is what the Bishop wrote:

As you know, Bishopthorpe is currently in a state of limbo, which makes me
reluctant to make commitments about the space even a few months ahead of

That being said, it's probably safe to say that the bedrooms on the third
floor will be available during that last weekend in May. I would ask the

1. That you take responsibility for showing the guests how to get in and
out of Bishopthrope using the combination lock, and ensuring the front door
is locked at all times. I think you already know how to do this since
you're a part of the quilting group, but if you need a refresher, just let
me know;

2. That you and/or the bell ringers take responsibility for making and
stripping the beds;

3. That those staying at Bishopthorpe be invited to make a freewill
offering to the Church Society, which is currently shouldering all of the
costs for keeping Bishopthorpe open and functioning. (Donations can be made
online here, are considered charitable contributions for those filing taxes
in Canada: 

The bedrooms can accommodate the following:

2 bedrooms can accommodate up to 2 people on a queen bed

1 bedroom can accommodate up to 3 people (2 on a queen, 1 on a single)

1 bedroom can accommodate 1 person on a single bed

So, depending on how sleeping arrangements are configured, up to 6 people
can be accommodated.

They would also have access to the kitchen to store food and prepare meals
if they wished.

Let me know if this sounds reasonable to you.

Peace, Bruce

On Monday, April 3, 2023 at 09:03:28 p.m. GMT-4, Joshua Burson <
joshburson09 gmail com> wrote:

Hi Andrea,
Do you know if ringers will be able to be accommodated in the building next
to the Cathedral this year, as I gather has sometimes been the case in the

On Sat, Apr 1, 2023 at 9:29 PM Clapper Editor <clapper editor gmail com>

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Subject: Quebec City May Weekend
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Here is the Word and PDF documents for the registration. I sent it to the
website, but I doubt the formatting turned out well. I tried before, but
couldn't quite figure it out, hope this is the right way to get the form to
Andrea Falk
steeple keeper, but organizing the schedule for the weekend (we multitask)
Quebec City Guild of Change Ringers
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