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Three things (two serious, one silly)

Hey folks!

1) Now that we've had a successful Advent Guild Meeting, it's probably
(past) time to also have an Old North/MIT guild meeting! If anyone has
strong feelings about timing, please reply to me and let me know, otherwise
I'll pick a convenient time for me, probably near the end of this month.

2) The "Lanterns and Luminaries" event will be happening on Thursday April
20th. This is the former "Lantern Service", and as usual, they'd like us to
ring for 15-20 minutes. The church would also like to invite up to 8 people
to attend their program, so if that sounds interesting, you'd be welcome to
go to that! Ricky was kind enough to put a column on the spreadsheet,
please note if you can go.

3) At Service Ringing this week, it was commented that my hoodie-mask combo
looked like I was out of the video game Assassins Creed, which I explained
was a video game in which you time travel to the past and either do
violence on random people, or jump and climb on beautiful buildings.
Imagine my surprise today when a friend sent me a screencap of his
character climbing on a very iconic building in the North End! I've
attached it if anyone wants to see Old North in lovingly rendered pixels!

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