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Incident at Old North (no one was hurt)

Hey folks

We made a pretty significant mistake on Saturday at Old North, and did not
manage to get the gates and church properly locked with all the comings and
goings. Chelsea (the Old North sexton) had to chase about thirty tourists
out of the building. Especially with the construction going on, this was an
unacceptable situation.

I've heard a couple useful suggestions about how we can ensure this does
not happen again, and I hope to send an email to Chelsea/Old North on
Monday detailing the steps we will take thusly. If you have commentary or
other ideas, please let me know.

1) it was suggested that we get a padlock of our own, and give Chelsea a
key, so that we can fully lock the gate instead of pretend-locking it as we
have been. (Obviously at the end of practice we would return to using their

2) If we are using the door mid-practice, sending a spare person down to
make sure both gate and front door of church get fully locked behind people
arriving or leaving.

3) potentially restricting bellringer entry and exit to set times --we all
come in at 11:15 and leave at 1:15. (I personally would disprefer this,
especially as it would make communication with visiting ringers more
difficult, but is a possible solution).

I don't want anyone to think it was the fault of a specific ringer --it was
a collective mistake where none of us were thinking sufficiently about
church security. But it was a preventable mistake, and I'd like to make
sure we don't make it again.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. I will keep everyone posted on
further communication from the church.

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