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Staple bolt replacement

I remember a while back, we waited a fair while to get a replacement staple
bolt made and shipped for one of the bells.

This video popped up in my feed this morning. The 3, 4, and 6 are on the
upper level, and I note that the 6 has an overly long piece of threaded rod
(and I assume a double-nut fastening) in the place of a staple bolt:

Looking at the church page, there is a video from just after the
re-installation. The 6 has what appears to be a more traditional staple

If we need to replace a staple bolt in the future, is threaded rod and
double-nut construction a reasonable possibility? McMaster-Carr offers
threaded rod in a variety of strength grades. Highest strength has a more
limited selection, but the next step down appears to have anything we would

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