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local people and occasions to consider ringing for

    The Central Council (or some worldwide change ringing group) is 
suggesting that 2023 would be a good year to start ringing "1/8 peals."  
Within that performance category, 720s seem to be preferred, but I gather 
from Austin that 600 changes might be enough. There are several notable 
things for which we might want to ring.
     Sunday the 15th was the first day at Old North for Deacon Holly.  I 
introduced myself after service ringing and suggested that she and/or her 
husband come up to see us ring sometime, but it might also be nice to ring 
something in a welcoming (publishable) way. 
    In terms of local diocese comings and goings, Bishop Gayle Harris is 
retiring as Suffragan bishop in March.    Some of her work will be taken 
over by Assistant Bishop Carol Gallagher, who has special ties with ON. 
    When we arrived for practice on Saturday, sexton Chelsea was hard at 
work repairing the tower door.  She expressed concern that she doesn't 
have enough time to do all the fixing up that she wants to do before the 
big 300 year anniversary shebang.  Danielle and I said that we were 
expecting that to happen in December, giving lots of time, but no.  There 
will be a combined to-do on Patriot's Day eve.  After perusing wikipedia, 
I guess this makes sense.  The first service in the sanctuary was December 
29, 1723, but construction had begun the previous April. Presiding Bishop 
Michael Curry will preach at the regular service on the morning of April 
16th and be the honored guest at the enhanced lantern service. I have no 
idea whether Old North will want anything besides service ringing that 
day, but it's a date to keep in mind.  I hope I got all their job titles 

Laura Dickerson

PS some people might remember that I wanted to ring in memory of British 
ringer AJ Barnfield, who died at the end of December.  I didn't actually 
try to arrange anything, and I'm not sure I physically could ring a 
quarter anyway.  Other people have been more organized. Bellboard lists 
thirty-one quarters on his memorial page.