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Re: Old North practice 12/31

I just got a message from Julius, asking if we are ringing tomorrow.

I cannot ring in a quarter. I’m not horribly interested in a minimus 
practice either, but if there is a practice I can come in…

Could we make a decision so I can let Julius know?

> On Dec 30, 2022, at 2:32 PM, John Schreiner via Boston-change-ringers 
> <boston-change-ringers cosmos phy tufts edu> wrote:
> I note on the Discord that Laura could be interested in a memorial 
> quarter
> peal, which is a possibility at the other end of the spectrum for 
> practice
> tomorrow if a band is up to it.
> John
> On Fri, Dec 30, 2022 at 2:00 PM Danielle Morse via Boston-change-ringers 
> <
> boston-change-ringers cosmos phy tufts edu> wrote:
>> Is there enough interest in Old North practice tomorrow?  There are a 
>> few
>> of maybes of different sorts and a lot of 'no's on the spreadsheet.  I'm
>> more interested in going in if there are learners - the yeses so far 
>> won't
>> get much out of a minimus practice.
>> If you are interested in practice, please fill out the spreadsheet!
>> Danielle