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card signing opportunities

   It is a custom that we as a group send greeting cards to other bands 
(tower and hand) during the festive season.  Signing happened this past 
weekend at Old North and the Advent.  I left the cards (plus several pens) 
in the Advent anteroom so that the Wednesday night practice attendees can 
sign, which means that the cards will still be there the morning of Sunday 
the 4th.  I understand that there isn't Friday practice this week, which 
is disappointing, because I'd like those people to sign as well, if there 
are some who don't come to either tower. Are there enough people who 
attend just Monday evening handbells in person that I should haul the 
cards there on the 12th? Handbells on the 5th should be online, by the 
First Monday plan.

   I have an entire roll of US Flag forever stamps that were in my 
mother's house. Would anybody feel sad if we were to use those instead of 
season-specific stamps? 

Laura Dickerson