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ON services going online only for the remainder of January

from the weekly e-pistle  (online congregational newsletter. I'm a 
subscriber, even though I'm not a member of the congregation).

"Now, as we look to the season after Epiphany, illumined by the light of 
Christ, the Old North leadership team has been in close conversation about 
how to respond to the rising Covid-19 rates in our midst. Dr. Katie Van 
Schaik on our vestry has offered sobering reports from her work at 
Beth-Israel Deaconess Medical Center, even as many of us have had friends, 
family, and neighbors who have tested positive or become sick. In light of 
all of this, we have determined that in the best interest of our beloved 
community, we should make a temporary return to online Zoom services. They 
will also be streamed to YouTube. 

While we will miss sharing in the splendor of our beautiful church 
building, we gain in the knowledge that all in our community are able to 
stay safe at home. We will be able to visit in virtual coffee hours 
following the morning worship, and can be joined by parishioners and 
friends near and far who have not been able to join us in person. We will 
even be able to see each other unmasked. Thus, there are some real 
benefits, alongside the sacrifices."

Laura Dickerson