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Fwd: Merry Christmas!

I received this on our Christmas but dithered about whether I could 
forward something, especially something with a photograph. It's Orthodox 
Christmas today, so I hope it gets to you all. 
Laura Dickerson 

From: "HDRoman" <danilovbells gmail com> 
To: "lauradi" <lauradi rcn com>, "Joshua Burson" <joshburson09 gmail com> 
Sent: Saturday, December 25, 2021 12:44:24 PM 
Subject: Merry Christmas! 

Dear Friends bellringers, 
let me warmly greet you on this joyful and peaceful holiday, Merry 
May God bless you with health, peace, thoughtful friends around you. I 
miss you all and think of you sometimes , hope to see you again one day. I 
pray for you and send my kindest regards. Stay blessed! 

Merry Christmas, 
hierodeacon Roman 
of the Danilov monastery, Moscow, Russia 

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