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Finances meeting

I have opinions, most of which I can hold until tonight, but there are two 
that I'd like to mention now. 
1) Whatever problems we have with the bank, they are doing a reliable job 
of safely holding onto the bulk of the money. It's not a use it or lose it 
situation. There is no reason to spend tons of money just because we have 
2) It would be nice to have a standard annual budget, even if we end up 
having to fiddle with it. Example: 
IAP food and other expenses: $100 
BB/RW donations 40 
hand goop 20 (or this could go into a larger ringing room category that 
might include tissues, cleaning supplies, and so forth, all of which are 
bought with petty cash) 
RW subscription 200 (for paper. More if we subsidize online subs for some 
Emergency tools or parts 500 
Cards and stamps 60 
non- IAP Recruitment 100 

Laura Dickerson 
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