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Little Purple Book

A couple of months ago, I read Simon Gay's review of a new Central Council 
publication, the little purple book, which is intended to guide people who 
can ring PB and a few doubles methods through other things and higher 
numbers. There is instruction for learning to conduct. 
[ https://littleringingbooks.co.uk/purple-review.pdf | The Ringing World 
#5760 (littleringingbooks.co.uk) ] 
I took the money I was paid for wedding ringing and ordered three copies, 
one for home and one for each ringing room, to share, as it seemed silly 
to have just one book sent across the sea. I ordered the A5 size, which is 
larger (and easier for my eyes). When the package arrived, they were the 
smaller size. Oh, well, I took one to each ringing room. Then the larger 
ones arrived. I corresponded with Bruce Butler. The choices are for me to 
pay for the little ones as well, even though they were shipped in error, 
or to send them to the NAGCR book service to be sold to someone else. The 
little ones are $10.50 each if anybody wants to buy them from me. 
Otherwise, I'll substitute the big ones onto the shelves in the towers, to 
be loaned out, and send the little ones to Bruce. 

Laura Dickerson 

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